Looking Forward to Monday

by Robert Gomez P.E.


How You Can Rise Above Bad Bosses and Toxic Companies and Love Your Job

Are you stuck in a dead end job? Feeling like your career is out of control? Or are you you just entering the workplace and wondering what it takes to get ahead and really succeed in today's complex job market? Most of us manage to get out the door and show up ready to work day after day, and we somehow just get by. Well, that is not good enough! This is your life we are talking about. You owe it to yourself to do more than simply survive Corporate America. You deserve to be a tremendous success at your job. You deserve to be significantly rewarded for your effort. Most important, you deserve to get the recognition you have earned. This book will tell you what you can do, both right now, and in the long-term to take your career to the next level. This book will inspire you to re-think how you relate to your coworkers and bosses. It will help you realize the power you have to be successful at work and truly happy at your job.



Mr. Robert Gomez is the Vice President/Design Manager of VN Engineers, Inc. He has been working in the Transportation Engineering industry for 29 years and is a registered P.E. in six states. In the past, Mr. Gomez served as the President of the Connecticut Society of Civil Engineers and the President of the American Society of Highway Engineers. Mr. Gomez was born and raised in Florida and moved to Connecticut with his family in 2007. Mr. Gomez is married with four sons and a he also has pet parrot named Kiwi. In 2012, Mr. Gomez published his first book titled Looking Forward to Monday: A Guide to Success in Corporate America for People Starting Out or Switching Jobs.

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